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3 beauty YouTubers over 30 that cater to mature skin, Lifestyle News

Let’s face it: When it comes to makeup, application changes with age. As we grow older, we might favor more natural looks as compared to thick layers of foundation. Our skin goes through change and it just isn’t what it used to be. With wrinkles, dark spots, and various other signs of aging on our skin, we need to adapt as it matures.

The current wave of beauty YouTubers are mostly in their early twenties, and while they are always up-to-date on the latest trends, sometimes things don’t work on us older ladies. So today we want to shine the spotlight on more mature beauty YouTubers who create videos for others like them.

From those in their 30s to those nearing their 50s, we have consolidated a list of YouTubers that create beauty content for you.

Ali Andrea

Ali, at 37 years old, has more than ten years’ worth of experience as a makeup artist in Paris – and if you know anything about Paris, it’s that it’s a place where beauty comes first. She uploads makeup tutorials, beauty faves, hauls, and more. She is very open with her viewers and is always ready to show her skin de ella without products on and talk about her life de ella (such as insecurities).

Many of her tutorials cater to women looking for more sophisticated looks that can be worn to evening dinners or candlelit dates. And if you are looking for subtle glam-but not the full-blown ones many younger beauty influencers gravitate towards-eye looks, you can definitely find a style you like on her channel de ella. Don’t forget everyday makeup looks that are perfect for work or for a quick meal with friends.

Apart from that, she often makes her videos as educational as possible. She has uploaded in-depth explanations of where to put your blush and a dive into what powder actually is and how to use it. Her various videos of her also offer tidbits of information that no doubt come from her experience of her in the field.

For new mothers, Ali has just become one herself and is sharing her experience on her socials! She is sharing must-have beauty products for new mums, how she’s adjusting, and more.

You can find her YouTube channel here.

Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss is a 44-year-old makeup artist with a large YouTube following of 3.94 million. He is also the owner of the luxury beauty brand Wayne Goss and has released many makeup products such as foundation, eye palettes, lipsticks, brushes, and more.

Over on YouTube, Wayne creates videos targeted toward those over 40. He points out areas to avoid highlighting, how to apply concealer, and foundations suitable for more mature skin. Not only that but he also uses models within the age group in some of his videos of him.

If you’re looking for objective reviews on popular brands, Wayne Goss’ channel is the perfect one for you. He points out the flaws in products and introduces his viewers to lesser-known ones that perform brilliantly.

Despite his age, he is always up to date on the latest trends. He even tries and tests them so you yourself can know what to expect. His Masterclass Series is also worth a watch if you are struggling with any part of your makeup routine.

You can find his YouTube channel here.

Michelle Wang

At 49 years old, Michele Wang is just shy of 50. However, her age hasn’t stopped her one bit from embracing the life of a beauty guru. In fact, we’d say that she is able to indulge in her love for makeup because she knows what she wants. And if you are someone who craves high-end luxury beauty products, Michele’s channel is all about that.

She regularly tries on luxury products, shares her hauls, and is always looking to try the newest releases on the market. Whether it’s Dior or Tom Ford, if it piques her interest in her, she’ll post her thoughts about her so that her viewers know her experience about her.

With an inclination to medium-coverage foundations, those who fancy a more natural look will appreciate her foundation reviews.

Apart from beauty videos, she also regularly uploads content related to fashion as well as the occasional vlog. She gives us insight into what it’s like to live a life indulging in high-end goods – and we are all here for the lifestyle.

Michele is proof for all mature women that age doesn’t determine your age when it comes to how you express yourself through makeup. If you enjoy it, playing with makeup can be therapeutic and fun no matter your age. And now that you can afford more high-end products, now is the best time to splurge.

You can find her YouTube account here.

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This article was first published in The Singapore Women’s Weekly.

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