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Bentley introduces Bentayga extended wheelbase model, Lifestyle News

Have you ever sat in a Bentley Bentayga and thought, “This isn’t quite luxurious enough.”?

Do not? Well, neither have we.

Yet here we are looking at the new Bentley Bentayga Extended Wheelbase, which offers clients sitting the rear even more room to stretch out, courtesy of the SUV’s 180mm longer wheelbase.

The extra length is obvious given the longer rear doors. With it, the Bentayga’s wheelbase now measures 5322mm, which is considerably longer than the Mercedes-Maybach GLS’ 5205mm.

Bentley says this will offer Bentayga buyers the best rear cabin experience since the Mulsanne flagship limousine. The Bentayga Extended Wheelbase naturally offers effortless performance and endless customization options, too.

style lines

Despite the longer rear doors, Bentley’s design team tried to ensure that the SUV kept its lines and proportions, while making extensive changes to the vehicle’s underfloor, side panels and roof.

From the front, the Extended Wheelbase model differentiates itself from the “normal” Bentayga with its new Vertical Vane Grille, which is inspired by the one on the Flying Spur.

The Bentayga’s new 22-inch, 10-spoke wheels now also come in a new mirror-polished design.


jet travel

In the rear, the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase features Bentley’s new Airline Seat specification, which offers 22-way adjustment and a world-first auto climate sensing system and postural adjustment technology.

When “Relax” mode is selected, the seat reclines 40 degrees, the passenger seat is moved forwards and a leather-trimmed footrest is deployed.

A “Business” mode, which moves the seats into their most upright position to make working more comfortable, is also available.

Meanwhile, the auto climate seat technology senses occupant temperature and surface humidity, before automatically applying the necessary heat, ventilation or even both to keep the passenger feeling comfy.

Complementing this is the aforementioned postural adjustment system that automatically makes micro adjustments to the seating position and pressure points by measuring pressure across the seat surface.

This system can apply 177 individual pressure changes across six independent pressure zones over a three-hour period to help minimize fatigue.


The Bentley Bentayga Extended Wheelbase will be offered with a 4+1 seating configuration as standard, delivering two outer rear seats that offer outstanding comfort, along with an occasional middle seat, that can easily accommodate a third adult.

A four-seat configuration is available, too, for buyers who would rather have a center console between the two rear seats for additional stowage.


Most likely will opt for this specification in order to have the Mulliner Console Bottle Cooler, which housing a fully integrated drinks cooler for a 750ml bottle, and two handcrafted Cumbria Crystal Flutes.

There’s also a five-seat configuration for those who want the ability to fold down the rear backrests. Powered closing doors are also an option on the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase.

Given the SUV’s larger dimensions, it is now equipped with an all-wheel-steer system that actually lessens the turning circle to the point that it is now seven per cent smaller compared to the standard wheelbase Bentayga.

Powering the top-end Bentayga is a twin-turbocharged 4-litre V8 that develops 542bhp and 770Nm, enabling the SUV to dispatch the zero to 100km/h sprint in just 4.6 seconds.

Wearnes Automotive, Bentley’s official agent in Singapore, says the Extended Wheelbase model will arrive in the first half of 2023.

This article was first published in torque.

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