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Canadian police investigating 2003, 2018 Canada junior hockey teams

TORONTO — Alleged group sexual assaults by members of the 2003 and 2018 Canadian world junior hockey teams are being investigated by police in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and London, Ontario.

Halifax Regional Police confirmed Friday that it is investigating an assault at the 2003 junior championships. Shortly afterward, police officials in London said they are reopening their investigation into a 2018 incident.

The investigations are the latest developments in an ongoing crisis that has rocked Hockey Canada and led to its funding being suspended by the federal government and several major corporate sponsors.

“Today we learn of yet another horror story that allegedly occurred in 2003. Once again, like all Canadians, I am appalled and angry,” Canadian Sport Minister Pascal St-Onge said. “It is clear that the culture of silence and the trivialization of sexual violence is well entrenched in the culture of this sport.

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