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Delta Insights on building a values-based team culture

Dalia Raphael, Delta Insights

Credit: Cactus Photography

Delta Insights is focused on building a strong team culture with key core values ​​for its customers amidst growing demand for cloud migration services.

Following a win in the Start-up Innovation (Sector) category in the Reseller News 2021 Innovation Awards, director Dalia Raphael spoke with Reseller News to share the Auckland-based boutique consultancy’s strategy for meeting increased customer demand.

With many businesses making the move to permanent hybrid or remote working, the need for staff to effectively connect from anywhere is exponentially increasing, she said. Cloud migration is now a necessity in facilitating remote working.

For Delta Insights, this presents an increased market opportunity across all aspects of a client’s business, from sales and marketing to customer experience.

“We have found that our clients are enhancing their digital sales and marketing as well as empowering their customers to do more self-service to reduce manual operations costs and increase efficiency”, Raphael said.

With this increase in demand for cloud migration, Raphael expects an acceleration of customer spending in the coming months.

The specific cloud technology that customers are pursuing in the short to medium term include Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

“In 2021 Microsoft saw an increase in revenue for Dynamics 365 of over 30 per cent which gives you an idea of ​​the market demand”, Raphael said.

Delta Insights key solutions priorities reflect this market demand, focusing on providing digital transformation for customers as well as balancing increased demand with ensuring quick returns.


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