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Fans can’t keep calm as new bombshells Bryce and Jeff enter the villa

Tonight’s episode of Love Island USA saw the entry of two new bombshells that teased some major drama amongst the islanders. The episode, which aired on Thursday, July 28, 2022, ended with Jeff and Brye placing firecrackers in a champagne bottle and introducing themselves to the girls as the men kept looking from above.

Whenever newcomers enter the Love Island USA villa, uncertainty looms upon the existing couples, and tensions are high because they know recoupling may occur ahead. However, fans rejoiced and celebrated at the prospect of both newbies forming their connections.

Season 8 of the hit dating series began with just ten islanders entering the villa looking for love and to win a cash prize. However, with the introduction of new bombshells and recoupling sessions, the season has only amped up the drama, and there is more to come.

Fans react to new bombshells on Love Island USA Season 8

As newcomers Jeff and Bryce are set to bring their A-game and explore their connections with the ladies, fans are excited for the drama on the show. They took to social media to express their feelings.

I literally just said the villa needs to bring in some stallions and look at that Italian stallion. Bryce is hot 😍, Jeff is okay lol. I hope Timmy cries when Zeta explores her options lol. #LoveIslandUSA

Well Bryce is 30 and Jeff is 25, so there’s Mady’s wish. They’re a bit older #LoveIslandUSA

Why does Bryce look like Felipe 2.0. And the way Jeff just kissed Zeta??? LISTENNNNNN I am not lying when I say this is MTV #LoveIslandUSA

BRYCE AND JEFF ARE DECEEEEEENT, i want Jeff not to smile #LoveIslandUSA

What transpired on Love Island USA Season 8 Episode 9?

Tonight’s episode of Love Island USA Season 8 began with the narrator handing over power to the islanders with regards to deciding who among Tyler and Zeta stay safe. As the ones on the chopping block anxiously waited for the results, the couples tried making a decision.

The Islanders have voted: Zeta has been saved and it’s time to say goodbye to Tyler and his luscious locks. Let’s send him some love! 💖🦁💖 #LoveIslandUSA

While some felt that Tyler had just joined the show and should be given a chance, others thought that there was potential for Zeta to find someone or even get back with her former partner Timmy. In the end, the islanders decided to save Zeta, which sent Tyler packing and leaving the villa.

Although Tyler’s former partner Sereniti broke down over his elimination, she felt she owed herself a chance to get to know her new partner Chazz. While it looked like it would be a smooth journey for Chazz, his sister – fellow newbie Bria, wasn’t having the greatest time. the Love Island USA The contestant had coupled up with Timmy, but it looked like the latter was still testing the waters.

Although Timmy was ready to explore a connection with Bria and thought he owed it to himself to get to know her, he felt that he also owed a conversation to Zeta, to which Bria agreed. However, his discussion of him with Zeta did n’t go very well. When he confessed that he wanted to give her the “confidence” in their connection to her, she laughed it off and said:

“It’s just funny to me…cause’ you’ve been giving me so much confidence the whole time and then I’m still in this situation.”

Meanwhile, Bria realized that there were tensions between her and Zeta because of Timmy and decided to sort their differences out. The former felt that Zeta was giving her “the cold shoulder.” However, Zeta confessed that “her gut was right,” and she was n’t interested in talking anymore.

Among other dynamics, Andy apologized to Mady for ditching her and choosing to couple up with Sydney. Felipe and Courtney also cleared up their misunderstanding and decided to explore their relationship.

With each passing episode, Love Island USA is only getting better. With the introduction of new bombshells, Jeff and Bryce, it is evident that there will be a recoupling session, and an elimination is to come. With Zeta being the only single woman in the house, it will be interesting to see if she forms a connection with any of the guys or if her former partner Timmy will earn her back from her.

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