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National Girlfriends Day 2022 Date: When Is Girlfriend’s Day? From Origin to Significance, Everything To Know About the Day That Celebrates Female Friendship in the US

Hello! Attention all the girlfriends, as your day is here and you must ensure that it doesn’t go in vain at all! Yes, you heard that right. National Girlfriends Day is celebrated on August 1 every year when all the female friends get to observe their bonds and relationships with each other. Now, you might be wondering if girlfriends mean your beloved girlfriend, but sorry! The day is not meant for the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Instead, it’s meant to be celebrated by all the women who always have their homegirls by their side, be it supporting each other or cringing on each other’s choices! So, it’s time that you celebrate your day with all the ladies who matter to you. Below, get acknowledged with the National Girlfriends Day 2022 date, origin and significance that celebrates all the women bonds in the US.

When is National Girlfriends Day 2022?

Girlfriends Day will be celebrated on August 1, Monday, when the female friends will meet up and spend a day together that’s exclusively meant for them to cherish their everlasting bonds. Heavy workload, family chores and other routine work often keep us so busy that we almost forget about our girlfriends who have always been there for us. They’ve been the ride or die to us in every situation, and it’s time to honor them by spending the special day with them. National Girlfriends Day 2022 is the perfect time to get going with your girl gang and have a blast together! Friendship Day 2022 Date: When Is Friendship Day in India? From History to Significance, Know Everything About This Special Day Dedicated to BFFs.

Origin and Significance of National Girlfriends Day

Some bonds are more than the romantic relationships that are made on the promise of being on each other’s shoulders, holding them at the happiest times and crying over them to go through the most challenging times. They are no different than your girlfriends, who’ve been your first and last resort to every problem. So, Girlfriends Day is celebrated to honor your female friendships and thank them for lending their ears to your endless gossip and constant tittle-tattle.

While the origin of Girlfriends Day stands unclear, it is claimed that Mistress Susan from a tech and media website came up with the idea in 2004 to celebrate Girlfriends Day on August 1. Secondly, Allie Savarino Kline and Sally Rodgers claimed to have created the day in 2006 through Nonetheless, the day is observed to celebrate the solidarity and friendship among women. They are meant to honor each other’s loving presence on this lovely day by going to a party or even spending a relaxing time at a spa. It’s just that you spent most of the time together doing fun-filled activities that you love and vibe at perfectly. Even shopping can be your go-to celebration where you buy each other your favorite stuff followed by an exotic dinner date. Your girlfriends can range from your school friends to your college mates or even your colleagues who make you feel better at every stage of your life. Even mothers and daughters can celebrate the day together because who knows you better than your mom, who’s your first girlfriend! Friendship Day 2022 Wishes & HD Images: Beautiful Greetings, WhatsApp Messages, Telegram Quotes & SMS To Share With Your Best Friends.

Happy National Girlfriends Day 2022! We hope you celebrate the sweet day with your girl besties. Start planning for some pajama parties or a wine-and-dine meet-up where you can chat and spend a gala time together without someone interrupting your girly talks!

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