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Pick Everard pledges carbon neutrality in new business strategy

Pick Everard has announced a new business strategy, which includes a pledge to carbon neutrality by the end of the year, and will invest five percent of turnover into innovation and new technology

Pick Everard’s new business strategy comes after achieving a turnover of £58.8m and a 17 per cent growth in its staff body.

The ‘most significant and successful’ year for the company to date

Managing Partner Duncan Green commented: “Despite the worldwide challenges faced over the past year, together we have made it one of the most significant and successful in our 156-year history.

“It is the agility and determination of our people that has allowed us to navigate the national challenges of the last two years and come through stronger than ever – and with new ways of working that benefit our people, our clients and the wider industry too.

“We have been enjoying a period of sustained growth, and with a strong pipeline of work and continued success in projects and frameworks appointments, we have examined our business strategy to outline the vision that underpins our journey. Collaboration forms a key part of all five of our strategic pillars, focusing on ‘delivering better together’ for our teams, our clients, communities and for the planet.”

The strategy is also focusing on providing new skills to staff

The new business strategy is also focused on building a talent density that perpetuates success and a commitment to train the industry leaders of tomorrow.

The Pick Everard Professional Map provides a pathway of the technical skills, behavioral competencies, role expectations and core values ​​needed for personal progression, which will give staff the tools needed to achieve their career aspirations.

Pick Everard aims to achieve third party certification to support its strategy – namely ISO44001, which centers on collaborative business relationships.

This accreditation seeks to build and support long-term partnership approaches that will increase project delivery success, manage risk, and promote best practice.

Duncan continued: “Continuous improvement is deeply embedded in our culture, making sure that not only are we a leader in promoting new industry best practice, but also an early adopter of technology and innovations that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our actions.

“Our pledge to invest at least five per cent of annual turnover in innovation and technology will ensure we push forwards with the best solutions to meet clients’ needs on every scheme.

“Our open attitude to sharing expertise allows us to upskill and inform our clients and key stakeholders, leaving a legacy of best practice and understanding wherever we work. This, along with our ambitions to be a leader in supply chain management and SME engagement, ensures that the projects we deliver provide communities with the high-quality assets that will have a positive impact on the way they, and future generations, will live, work, learn, and play.”

The company has also pledged to become carbon neutral by the end of 2022

Duncan said: “We place sustainability and tackling the climate crisis with carbon neutral solutions central to any project, so there is no question that we must lead by example when it comes to the environment. On our own journey to net zero, we have been making great strides but will go even further, becoming a carbon neutral business by within 2022.

“Delivering better together’ is not just a phrase, it’s a definition of our culture and the way of life at Pick Everard. It defines our approach to our people, our teams, our clients, and the communities and environment in which we live. We pride ourselves in our aim to create a better future and leave a positive and lasting legacy wherever we work.”

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