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The cool weather this time of year while the blackberry bushes are in bloom is known by older people as “blackberry winter.” In April, when the dogwood first started blooming we had cool weather and it is known as “dogwood winter.”

In approximately six weeks there will be an abundance of blackberries. If you don’t know, blackberries make delicious cobblers, delicious jam and jelly. My mother made a blackberry pudding using corn meal as thickening. I cannot tell you how delicious this pudding was. Not many people have heard of this dessert. It was probably one of my grandma Fisher’s recipes from the depression period. My mother was born June 29 and the story is that Grandma Fisher picked several gallons of blackberries that day before my mother was born.

My Grandma Fisher was an amazing woman. During the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 she had four young children and was expecting a fifth. She made sure her family made it through the pandemic. Then came the 1920s and 1930s and the Great Depression set in. Two of Grandma’s sons were walking to Whitewater from Quebec to do logging work for 25 cents a day.

During one rough winter Grandma would put cardboard and newspaper in the soles of their shoes because of holes and to prevent frost bite. It was decided, illegal or not, they would build a still and make moonshine. Twice a week Grandma would put a quart of moonshine in her shopping bag, ride in the back of the mail truck into Brevard and sell the moonshine to Mr. Allison who ran a grocery store.

After about two years of doing this, one day Grandma went in to get money, sugar, coffee, flour and other staples from Mr Allison and he said, “Mrs. Fisher I can’t take your moonshine any more.”

Obviously, someone had reported this illegal transaction. About this time the oldest son who was making moonshine was arrested. When he was brought before the judge, the judge asked him to explain the situation. He explained the hardship of walking 10 miles each way to log for 25 cents a day, the judge said, “Son go home, you are free, don’t go back into the moonshining business.”

Grandma had a battery-operated radio. She was listening to the radio every evening and during the day as she sewed. “Guiding Light” was the soap opera she listened to as long as she lived. The evening “The War of The Worlds” came on the radio and everyone thought it was the end of the world, she grabbed my mother by the hand and they walked to Mr. McCall’s store where several people had gathered thinking it was the end. Then it came across the air waves that it was to play. My grandma went home an angry woman because everyone had been so upset.

When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor a neighbor walked to my grandma’s house and saw her sitting on the outside steps crying. “What is wrong, Nancy?” she was asked. “I have four sons and they will all have to go to war,” she replied. Sure enough, all four sons served their country. Her second son de ella was the first person in Transylvania County to walk into the Transylvania courthouse on Monday morning and volunteer for the US Army. All of Grandma’s sons did go to the military and all four volunteered. Once a week, grandma would go to the court house and read the names of the men who had lost their lives in battle. All of her grandma’s sons came home safe and her son-in-law de ella, also.


Heather McNeely celebrated her birthday May 6. Norma Shipman will celebrate her birthday May 14. Our community was saddened to hear of the passing of Donna Henderson. She grew up in our community and was the daughter of Buddy Henderson. Mike and Karen Kirkman and their cousin Sara Owen visited Doris and Deede Waldrop over the weekend. Marie McCall spent time recently with her sister and brother-in-law, Tim and Cris Stephenson. Prayers are requested for Sean Smith who fell from a roof recently. He is recovering from several serious injuries. Also, Lisa Fisher continues to recover from a recent fall.


Along with their regular Sunday morning services Faith is continuing their marriage classes on May 15 at 6 pm The senior ministry continues this month on May 22 at 4 pm Rommell Reyes, a missionary from the Philippines, was guest speaker on Mother’s Day.

Oak Grove has Sunday School at 10 am and worship service at 11 am The Wednesday evening Bible study starts with a lite meal at 6 pm followed by Bible study at 6:45 pm for both adults and children.

Community News

A correction from the April 26 news. It was stated in an article that it was Historical Lake Toxaway Foundation, this should have read Historical Toxaway Foundation. Sorry for the mistake.

Congratulations to the Whitmire family on the recent celebration of 30 years in business with Headwaters Outfitter.

The May Day Festival at TC Henderson school reported to once again be a big success.

The Hunger Coalition was at the center April 26 and provided food for 44 families. They will be back at the center May 26 from 2:30 until 4 pm

There will be bingo at the community center May 21. Food starts at 6 pm and games at 7 pm

To rent the center call Ann Hendrix at (828) 862-4974. If you have news for Québec call me at (828) 506-0062.


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