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Suunto 5 Peak review: Warming up

The Suunto 5 Peak is the latest smartwatch from the Finnish company that aims to offer more choice within the crowded market that already includes some heavy-hitters like Garmin, Apple, and Fitbit.

We’ve had the Suunto 5 Peak for a couple of weeks to test out. Suunto provided us with a loan device for testing purposes, however, this hasn’t affected our views on the product.

Our reviews always remain independent of the manufacturer, and the first time they will see the review is at the same time you’re reading it. Keep reading to find out what we think.

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How do I get it and what will it cost?

The Suunto 5 Peak is available now for $499.99. Black and Ridge Sand are your two color options in Australia.

If you think this GPS sport watch is the one for you, you can track them down from Bing Lee, The Good Guys, MYER and Costco.

Who is it good for?

Logos: Suunto 5 Peak.

I was already quite impressed with the Suunto 9 Peak smartwatch that we tested in September, and that continues with the cheaper Suunto 5 Peak.

It’s a gorgeous smartwatch that keeps a clear focus on fitness with adaptive training guidance and heat maps. While the 9 Peak feels a bit more sporty-elegant due to its metal casing, the 5 Peak has a more sporty-stylish vibe.

For anyone with smaller wrists, or just likes to have a less intrusive smartwatch – the 5 Peak is also definitely not bulky and weighs only 39 grams.

How does it work?

Logos: Suunto 5 Peak.

The Suunto 5 Peak doesn’t go about hiding the buttons (there are five in total), and it comes with a 1.1-inch color display. However, it’s also not an AMOLED or LCD panel like you’ll find on other watches from Samsung, Garmin or Apple.

It’s a smaller screen than those other manufacturers as well. Apple Watch Series 6 is 1.78-inch and Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung starts at 1.19-inch. There’s a bezel around the screen that can feel a bit like wasted space. And while the wearable still looks great, it can feel a bit like a missed opportunity by removing the black bezels around the outer edge of the display.

In direct sunlight, the Suunto 5 Peak is more than fine in being viewable and when the lights go off there is an LED backlight.

Coming from Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch 4, Suunto 5 Peak tends to lag when moving around the menu options. That may be intentional, but overall it feels a bit too slow for my liking.

If you’re into swimming, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can take a dip up to 30 meters depth, and you’ll be sweet. There is also a huge amount of features including outdoor activity tracking through the integrated GPS, over 80 sports modes, an optical heart rate monitor, altimeter, sleeping tracking, stress levels as well as weather information. It’s all covered.

And it tracked the activities like swimming and walking quite effectively. Another feature that I used quite a number of times is the navigation, where you can use the Suunto app on your phone to plan routes and see Suunto’s heatmaps which display popular routes around you. While you’re not seeing the map on your wrist, it’s a more simplified version in real time that still works fine.

In saying that, if navigation is really important to you – then maybe look elsewhere.

Another area where the Suunto 5 Peak excels is with the battery. I was able to get a week out of the watch with GPS tracking turned on. You could increase the time between charges by turning to a different GPS mode. If the wearable detects that you’re using too much battery, it will send you a reminder about the other modes available.

But as with all things, battery is subjective and depends on how active you are and the features that you’re turning on such as continuous heart rate monitoring. But it will go the distance, pardon the pun.

What we think

Logos: Suunto 5 Peak.

The Suunto 5 Peak ticks all the boxes that you’d want from a smartwatch to track your fitness and outdoor activities.

There are a few of things to consider such as the responsiveness of the software as you navigate between menus and if the payoff of longer battery life outweighs something that another watch can provide with a snappier interface.

That may not worry you to get the stamina that the Suunto 5 Peak provides and the features that are available.


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