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Tourist Traps Among Biggest Travel Nightmares for US Consumers

“It’s great to see a renewed desire to discover new and different experiences through travel,” said Caroline Berger, Head of Brand, US at GetYourGuide. “We’ve observed a sharp increase in our US booking volumes as travelers are making up for time lost over the last few years—many of whom are more conscious than ever of avoiding the stereotypical tourist traps. As travelers become more discerning, we will be providing unforgettable experiences for them.”

The report’s results found common themes among those planning to travel and book experiences in 2022. Notable highlights include:

travelers are going out of their way to avoid tourist traps
As many seasoned travelers know, popular destinations can often include ‘tourist traps,’ identified by survey respondents as attractions lacking in authenticity – inaccurately claiming to be unique and exclusive – with inflated prices, long lines, and/or large crowds. These ‘traps’ may act as a barrier for travelers when creating their travel itineraries, leading some to change plans or avoid a destination altogether.

  • Two out of three (67%) travelers feel they have experienced tourist traps that led to inauthentic experiences
  • More than two-thirds of travelers (68%) say they’ve decided against visiting an attraction or excursion because they were concerned it was a tourist trap, while four out of ten travelers (41%) say they’ve avoided a destination altogether due to concerns of tourist traps

“Doing your research and booking with a trusted provider is essential for those looking to escape the tourist traps,” said Berger. “By visiting or the GetYourGuide app, travelers not only have access to transparent pricing, flexible booking policies and real customer reviews – which have become table stakes to today’s traveler – they also get a fully curated experience, one that has been vetted by us.”

Travelers are craving to explore new and unforgettable experiences in their own backyard
On average, US travelers take around 3 ½ leisure trips per year[2], and this year, many (55%) Americans are planning to spend their time off within the US, opting for beach getaways (44%) and road trips (36%). Among those with 2022 travel plans:

  • Two-thirds of travelers say that experiencing new and different things (66%), as well as feeling recharged and relaxed (66%) are the main goals of their vacations
  • Most travelers plan to go sightseeing (42%) and partake in family-friendly activities (39%)
  • Travelers ranked favorable prices (54%), having a wide range of activities and experiences (34%) and avoiding big crowds (34%) as top priorities when booking travel experiences
  • The top priorities for travelers are having a sense of freedom (38%) and taking part in authentic experiences (37%)

travelers are valuing the ‘who’ in addition to the ‘where’
Whether it is enjoying a new city’s culinary scene, hiking the Grand Canyon or swimming with sharks, most travelers agree that it’s the people they travel with that contribute to making an experience ‘unforgettable.’ Among the open-text comments requested in the survey, respondents echoed the importance of family, friends and loved ones when creating lasting memories.

  • Close to two-thirds (58%) of travelers feel that creating beautiful memories with loved ones contribute to making a travel experience unforgettable, while four out of ten of travelers (38%) say that learning about the history of different sights and places also makes an unforgettable trip
  • ‘Beautiful’ and ‘fun’ were the most mentioned words when asked to describe unforgettable experiences

Utilizing the survey results, GetYourGuide has launched an online quiz for travelers to discover their ‘unforgettable’ travel experience. For more information, please visit

About GetYourGuide
GetYourGuide is the booking platform for unforgettable travel experiences. Travelers use GetYourGuide to discover the best things to do in a destination — including walking tours by top local experts, local culinary tours, cooking and craft classes, skip-the-line tickets to the world’s most iconic attractions, bucket-list experiences and niche offerings you won’t find anywhere else. Since its founding in 2009, travelers from over 190 countries have booked more than 58 million tours, activities and attraction tickets through GetYourGuide. Powered by a global team of over 550 travel experts and technologists, the company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and has offices in 15 countries around the world.

CONTACT: Beatrice Jimenez , [email protected]

one Survey issued to 2,000 US adults who usually take at least one vacation per year, representative of the US population based on age, gender and region; surveyed online between March 16-21, 2022

two Based on years when there were no restrictions in place due to COVID-19 or anything else; includes anything from a ‘weekend away’ to a longer vacation

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