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Who are in the bottom two after Chazz and Bria picked their partners?

Love Island USA aired a brand new episode on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, at 9:00 pm ET on Peacock. The new islanders-sibling duo Chazz and Bria, have shaken things up in the villa. Now with the recent recoupling and the siblings choosing each other’s partners, former newbie Tyler and Zeta are the bottom two contestants who are left single and are at the risk of going home.

On tonight’s episode, dynamics shifted after the introduction of the brother-sister duo Chazz and Bria. In a shocking turn of events, Bria had to pick his brother’s partner for her, and Chazz had to do the same for his sister for her. Bria picked Sereniti and Chazz chose to recouple his sister from him with Timmy, changing the course of their relationships.

Season 4 of Love Island USA has been extremely popular due to its engaging format and the introduction of new challenges. Now that the recoupling has put Tyler and Zeta on the chopping block, it will be interesting to see who will leave the villa and who will be recoupled once again.

Love Island USA sibling duo’s recoupling causes drama in the house

Zeta and Tyler are left alone… and one of them is going home. Who do you think the Islanders will save?? Find out tomorrow night! #LoveIslandUSA

Viewers witnessed major drama on tonight’s episode of Love Island USA. Sibling duo Chazz and Bria’s entry into the villa escalated tensions among the existing cast members. The fate of the rest of the couples rested on who the siblings connected with the most, and the villa’s recoupling session left two members, Tyler and Zeta, on the chopping block.

During the premiere episode, islanders had to couple up based solely on first impressions. While most of the Day 1 couple have fizzled out, Zeta and Timmy have been going strong. However, the entry of the siblings affected the duo’s connection as Timmy was instantly attracted to Bria.

While talking about their connection, Timmy sounded skeptical of his connection with Zeta. He said:

“I can see myself with you outside of the villa..hundred percent. Do I know that to be true? Do I know what’s gonna happen? I don’t..I don’ it’s like..I want it with you, I want to focus on like day zero to now, and then continue to take each day at a time rather than focus on the other half of things, just cause of like, protection for us.”

However, Love Island USA contestant Zeta confessed that she was utterly “tuned out” of the conversation. But she also knew that Bria “was coming for” her partner. While talking to Sereniti about the situation, Zeta revealed that she had told Timmy that Bria was “definitely his type of her.”

But when Sereniti confessed to Zeta about Timmy’s attraction toward Bria, all hell broke loose. Zeta called Timmy a liar and confronted him about the issue. She said:

“Timmy, you little liar! You running game now, is that what you’re up to? Joker..Timmy are you attracted to her?”

In a confessional, Zeta revealed that she knew that her Love Island USA partner was attracted to newcomer Bria, but as she didn’t hear him say it outright, she felt that his feelings towards her were a lie.

Meanwhile, Chazz had his eyes set on Sereniti since his entry into the villa. He also went up to her de ella partner de ella Tyler to talk about him exploring a connection with her. Although he went on a date with Mady and praised her, the star confessed that he wanted to pursue Sereniti and wondered how none of the other men in the villa were interested in her.

The power is now with the Love Island USA contestants to decide who they want to send home packing among Tyler and Zeta. Viewers will have to tune in to find out who will be the next person going home. Will a new twist introduce itself in the next episode? Or will a fan favorite make their exit from the show?

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