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Why are fans criticizing Bria Bryant from Love Island USA Season 4? cause explored

Love Island USA Season 4 has not been disappointing so far when it comes to drama. Whenever a new bombshell arrives, the islanders want to know the person, and a similar thing happened with Bria Bryant in Friday’s episode.

Two newcomers, Bryce Fins and Jeff Christian arrived on the show on July 29, 2022. Jeff went straight for Zeta Morrison, leaving her former partner Timmy jealous. But Love Island USA fans were surprised to see Timmy’s current partner Bria admiring Jeff and calling him her type.

Damn Bria you already got one love triangle with zeta and Timmy, you already trying to join another one with Zeta and Jeff #LoveIslandUSA

Viewers were disappointed in her as she was the one who put Zeta in the dumping zone after choosing Timmy during the recoupling round. And now, she was leaning towards Jeff, who was deeply interested in Zeta.

what did Love Island USA fans say about Bria’s interest in Jeff?

Bria was the bombshell who arrived just before Jeff and Bryce, along with her sibling Chazz. The brother-sister duo created drama as soon as they entered the villa by splitting two couples. While Chazz broke up Tyler and Sereniti’s pairing, Bria came in between Timmy and Zeta. Bria and Zeta even had a spat later for breaking up the couple.

While Love Island USA fans were rooting for Bria and Timmy, they were shocked after the former started showing interest in Jeff. She even told Timmy that the newcomer was her type of her.

Here’s how fans reacted to Bria’s behavior from the latest episode of Love Island USA 2022:

Bria is giving wannabe zeta… she saw Jeff and zeta during the challenge and now wants to be there instead girl what about timmy that you were so eager about? #LoveIslandUSA

Bria is not making any sense. Jeff is your type but you’re not going for him? 🫤 #loveislandusa

Bria refusing to switch spots to let Zeta sit by Jeff even though it was suggested. #LoveIslandUSA

Timmy kissed Zeta and Bria on the same day

Bria seemed to have been part of love triangles that involved Zeta. Both the girls like Timmy and Jeff, but their intense feelings are still towards the former. Going by the latest episode, Timmy also likes both as he kissed Zeta and Bria on the same day.

The July 29 episode showed Timmy and Zeta kissing and confessing that they miss each other. The same night, I shared an intimate moment with Bria.

Timmy later revealed the incidents to Isaiah as he said:

“Bria made it very clear to me that Jeff is her typer on paper but she’s, uh, very much adamant about me. And that kinda carried over into the bedroom. We kissed, we kinda made out a little bit.”

I have continued:

“Now that being said, this is a little um…little swerve ball that was thrown. I see Zeta bro, she’s walking out the bedroom, I am walking towards the bedroom, and like I kissed her.”

Isaiah confirmed Timmy’s kiss with Zeta by asking whether it was just a “little peck.” In response, Timmy said no and that it was like a “DNA exchange,” leaving Isaiah in splits. The latter then advised Timmy to be honest with both of them and tell them how he feels. To this, he mentioned that he’s not sure who he likes the most, Zeta or Bria.

Earlier, Timmy compared Zeta to a plant and why it was difficult for him to move from Zeta to Bria. In a confession, he said:

“I have been watering this plant. I keep talking about photosynthesis like I have been putting a lot of time with sunlight and nurturing and care and watering, all that. Like we have something, it’s about to blossom. But I feel like I do owe it to myself to get to know Bria.”

Interestingly, the next recoupling is on July 30, 2022, when the ladies will get a chance to pick their partners. Only time will tell who will decide Timmy’s fate.

Love Island USA Season 4 airs a new episode every day, from Tuesday through Sunday, on Peacock at 9:00 PM ET.


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